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In Cathedrals of Time
Artist | Photography

You better live before you die young

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2007, 7:22 AM

:bulletpurple: I know, I have been absent for too long, I know, my message box tells me the same and the number of things I need to have completed inside here does the same kind of pressure. At the moment this is what I have waiting for me: 2,681 deviations, 1076 messages, 28 notes :faint: and I suppose it will take me some time to put it all in order. Either way, I am starting today and even though I have no idea when I will have this down to zero again, please be patient especially if you have posted any kind of question which needs urgent answer.

Hope everyone is well, I miss you and I'm going to start by the notes because I am so damn curious about your lives and such. Yes, I'm very curious. Always. :excited:

:bulletpurple: This is one particular person: No matter how long it will take me to talk with you again, but I will, Silence is never and never will be part of that coloured world we once built based on dreams and words and thoughts, a world that still exists and shines on. I miss you now more than ever but I'm not ready yet to re-enter even though I wish I was. You're unique, just like everyone else ;)

THE Mehrunnisa :iconmehrunnisa: CONTEST IS WAITING FOR YOU! </u>

:bulletred: My contest deadline was extended again! End of January and this is the last time. Get back to work!

:bulletpurple: Since my stock account has such a pretty :flirty: CSS Journal I decided to create a new Contest in order to have a CSS Journal on my mainpage as well. This is what this Contest is all about!

:bulletpurple: These are the Rules and Guidelines to participate in this Contest:

:pointr: You may create any kind of CSS Journal, you can make it only with colours, by using my works or my stock photos. If you, by any chance, decide to go for a piece of work from another artist (and as you can see by my fav list there are many which I really enjoy) please just ask permission first, if the artist does not allow it then, please, don't use it.

:pointr: A new CSS Journal should be created specifically for this Contest. Although I am sure you may have found some brilliant ones around here or in the net, I ask you for something original.

:pointr: What the Journal must have is something you can easily understand by looking at each and every journal I submit but, still, you can this one as an example:…

- Please just don't forget to include that saying in the beginning, it is as if it was part of me.

Neart Inar Lamha, Firinne Ar a'r Dteanga, Glaine Inar Gcroi </u>
Strength In Our Arms, Truth On Our Tongue, Clarity In Our Heart


:pointr: After creating it, I would ask you to please submit it and just send me a print screen that I will post into my scraps and link back in my journal, this way your work will be shown even though I will be the one to choose it.

:bulletpurple: The deadline for this Contest is the 30th NOvember 2007 which gives you more than time to participate.

:bulletpurple: The Jury for this Contest is composed by me only, since it will be something in my main page I think that my personal taste will be the best thing to judge.

bulletpurple: The Winner of this contest will, I hope, :giggle: allow me to use its CSS in my mainpage. I also hope that he/she uses some kind of credit for I wish to have his/her nickname showing at the bottom of my journal.

:pointr: The winner will also receive:

- 12 months subscription by me

- A personalized stamp

- A stamp to be used by me which will state that by CSS journal was created by "..."

-  I am also strongly thinking about the possibility of you working as a team: someone creates the imagery and someone creates the codes. If it is the case I will offer 9 months subscription each and the nicknames will appear both on my journal and stamp

- a 20 dollars offer from miss-angelicfairy and mmebuterfly products

- 3 packages with custom backgrounds offered by our beloved oibyrd

- several journal features

:bulletpurple: If you have no idea of what I like (it means you don't know me at all) I can give you some hints. By the way, please, no sci-fi stuff nor strong colours unless you wish me to die with a heart attack.

  • Listening to: She wants revenge - Out of control
  • Reading: Herman Hesse - Demian
  • Watching: Life unfolding
  • Eating: Chocolate until my teeth fall off
  • Drinking: Strong coffee


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